the place $IP_ADDRESS is the IP handle of the load balancer you’ve got already created. 

Why do container restarts matter? Properly, restarts, to a sure diploma, are an anticipated a part of a container’s typical lifecycle in Kubernetes. Too many container restarts, nevertheless, may have an effect on the provision of your service, particularly when expanded over a bigger variety of replicas for a given Pod. Not solely do extreme restarts degrade the service in query, however additionally they dangers affecting different companies downstream that use it as a dependency.

In actual life,the offender for a lot of restarts could possibly be a poorly designed liveness probe, points like deadlocks within the utility itself, or misconfigured reminiscence requests that end in OOMkilled errors. So, it is vital so that you can proactively alert on container restarts to preempt potential degradation that may cascade throughout a number of companies. 

Configure the alert
Now, you are able to configure the alert that can notify you when restarts are detected. This is learn how to arrange your alerting policy:

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